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Our menu offers modern dishes, inspired by historic Italian gastronomy. The A la Carte menu is available throughout lunch and dinner with an additional set lunch menu offered Monday to Friday excluding Public holidays.



breakfast waffles (sweet)


banana caramel
fresh slices of banana, caramel and vanilla ice cream,
whipped cream and caramel sauce

chocolate chips and strawberries
chocolate chips waffle, strawberries, chocolate ice cream, whipped
cream and chocolate sauce

breakfast waffles (savory)


egg and bacon
homemade waffle, 2 over easy eggs, bacon and fresh salad
turkey bacon and avocado
homemade waffle, turkey bacon, avocado and fresh salad

Healthy Toasts

famous island scoop breakfast toast


wholegrain toasts, bacon, strawberries, over easy eggs and avocado


everything bagel


everything bagel, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mixed spring salad, cheese & bacon

plain Jane bagel


plain bagel, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mixed spring salad & cheese

Want More?


waffle $5 – bacon $3 – egg $3 – toast $2 – avocado $3

Yoghurt Bowls

yoghurt bowl


yoghurt, seasonal fruit, granola and coconut flakes

Morning Cocktails

breakfast champagne cocktails


famous mango mimosa
prosecco mango juice
classic sunrise mimosa
prosecco and orange juice and grenadine

Treat Yourself

Breakfast Combo


any breakfast option and a mimosa




Server with focaccia bread



strawberry, mango, strawberry-banana
or pina colada



orange or apple

flamingo pink lemonade




see fridge for selection

Coffee and Teas







(flavoured: see coffee menu inside)

famous iced frappe


blended iced coffee: caramel or chocolate


virgin coconut


fresh coconut from Coco Vibes

tipsy coconut


add a splash of rum to your coconut

Ice Cream


brownie chocolate cup sundae


coconut, chocolate & vanilla ice cream, homemade brownies, whipped cream & chocolate sauce

island mint sundae


mint, chocolate & cookiedough ice cream, mint biscuit, whipped cream & chocolate sauce

oreo mallow sundae


chocolate, cookie dough & vanilla ice cream, oreos, marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate sauce

peanut overload sundae


peanut, vanilla & nutella ice cream, reeses peanut butter cup, whipped cream & caramel sauce

classic banana split


strawberry, vanilla & chocolate ice cream, banana, whipped cream, caramel sauce and cherries

Waffle Bowl

waffle bowls


chocolate ice cream, jug of hot fudge, chocolate sauce, whipped cream & cherry on top


smoothie flavours


strawberries, mango, stawberry-banana, pina colada
or mixed fruits

ice cream float


your choice of ice cream with your choice of pop
root beer, coke or sprite




white chocolate and banana,
double chocolate shake
or frozen cappuccino

giant frozen hot chocolate


to share or not…

We have dairy free sorbets and will do our best to accommodate any requests.